Case Study 2 : Late-stage Lung, Bone, and Tongue Cancer

Patient:  Mrs. Violet Ling (Malaysian)

Gender:  Female 

Age: 63    Date of Initial

Contact:  December, 2007

Symptoms Presented: Late-stage Lung, Bone, and Tongue Cancer

Prior to starting the BIM products, her doctor in December 2007 had suggested that she settle all her affairs within three months, since there was little that could be done for her.  She could not talk; saliva constantly dripped from her mouth; she had a very bad cough and tremendous pain throughout her body.  Prior to taking the Th17 Capsules, she could only lie on her bed and could not get up.

Recommended Protocol:

Th17 Capsules, started on 24 February 2008.

- 28 February, 2008.  For the first week, she took four capsules in the morning and four capsules at night.
- March/April 2008.  She took four capsules in the morning, four in the afternoon, and three at night.

- From May 2008 onward, she took two capsules in the morning, two in the afternoon, and two at bedtime.


- 28 February 2008: (four days after taking the first capsule) Violet could get up and sit on a chair by herself.

- 5 March 2008:  After ten days of capsules, her pain had subsided and she could stand up by herself.

- 19 March 2008 (after 24 days): She could take some exercise, the saliva stopped dripping from her mouth, and she could talk more lucidly.
- 22 April (after eight weeks): Her blood test results had improved. CEA = 2 ng/ml. Her liver was in perfect condition.

- 30 April (after nine weeks), She could walk with the aid of a walker.

- 21 May 2008 (after 12 weeks), she could walk further distances, still using the walker, and was pain-free in her body.  Some pain remained in her tongue.

- June 2008:  Violet could drive a short distance, go shopping, take exercise, and dine out. In short, she was beginning to live a normal life.

- 23 October 2008:  Violet was able to move her upper limbs freely, to walk without assistance and could dine out with family.

- January 2009.  Unfortunately, Violet succumbed to complications from her diseases, but the Th17 Capsules had, for eight months, improved her quality of life, allowing her to feel better and live longer.

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